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These tools help you and your team network & collaborate with fellow city leaders to find bigger and greater areas of impact to help your city thrive.


Volunteer Day

Imagine people of all different backgrounds and ages from all around your community coming together to serve for the good of your city.

A city-wide volunteer day creates the opportunity for just that. Not only does it bring all these people together, it invites them to make a difference in their city by serving in practical and sustainable ways.​

These volunteer days serve as a catalyst, getting members of the community out in their city: allowing them to make connections with fellow volunteers and the organizations they're serving, instilling a love for their city, and getting them excited about giving back to their community.


Following your city-wide volunteer​ day, people in your community will be searching for ways that they can be volunteering year-round.

This is where initiatives come in. An initiative is a program focused on addressing a particular need in your community such as homelessness, schools, foster care, human trafficking, gang violence, etc.

These initiatives provide opportunities throughout the year for volunteers to get involved and continue making a difference in your community.


The amazing thing that comes naturally from your volunteer day and initiatives are the relationships; relationships not only with a wide range of volunteers, but also businesses, nonprofits, congregations, schools, and leaders in your city.

You will become known in your city for the ways you are connected with members across the community and people will be coming to you when needs arise. The best part? You already have all the connections and resources required to meet the needs of your city. You can mobilize volunteers, connect businesses with schools in need of supplies, bring together congregations to serve the homeless, the list goes on and on.

Through all of your efforts, you will come to have influence in your city as the best organization to bridge the gap across all sectors to connect those in need to those who can help.





Annual Contribution*

by City Population

Less than 50,000

$1,000 ($83.33/mo)


50,001 - 100,000

$1,250 ($104.17/mo)


100,001 - 250,000

$1,750 ($145.83/mo)


Over 250,000

$2,750 ($229.17/mo)



*We are a donor supported 501(c)3 organization. Tax ID #: 30-1248201.


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