Organic Outreach Training

Organic Outreach International has provided this training series for those with a Christian faith in preparation for volunteering at a Love Our Cities event.

Each video is roughly ten minutes and is accompanied by a study guide you can download to follow along with the video and study questions that can be used privately or in a small group setting.


Session 2 - Relationships Matter

Video 2 Notes.pdf

Download the Study Guide for Training Video #2


Organic Outreach® is about living the kind of life that naturally draws people to Jesus.  It involves speaking the kinds of words that you use in ordinary conversations and that reveal the presence of a loving God.  It means loving people in a way that is genuine.  Organic Outreach® is all about sharing our faith in a way that is authentic, real, and feels natural to the people around us.

Through training, coaching and provision of resources, Organic Outreach International® is committed to helping denominations, national groups, regional movements, para-church organizations and local churches around the world infuse the DNA of their ministries and congregations with a passion for natural evangelism.